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Is It Time To Have Your Chimney Flue Cleaned?

It’s easy to forget about your chimney and fireplace until you’re ready to light a fire. Did you know that, according to Federal Requirements “all chimneys, fireplaces, and heating units shall be inspected once a year?” The reason for that being even if you had your fireplace and flue inspected last year, burning, freeze/ thaw cycling, settling, potential water damage, creosote build-up and animal nests can quickly turn a safe chimney system into a dangerous one.


But, if you live in the greater Vancouver area, our WETT Certified chimney professionals will make your annual chimney clean and maintenance plan simple and mess-free.

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What Is Included In A Chimney Clean?

At Santa’s Chimney Services, we take every chimney clean seriously, as if we were servicing our own home.


Each chimney sweep includes a visual inspection, based upon National Building Code Standards. NOTE: This is not a documented WETT inspection. If your system has inspection criteria issues and is not recommended for use, there will be a service call-out fee. 


Once your system has been inspected and is ready for a sweep, here is what happens.


We place drop cloths in the surrounding area in front of your wood burning appliance or fireplace. For fireplaces, we seal off the bottom 2/3 of the fireplace opening and install our vacuum hose. Our shop-vac is heavy duty and has a secondary HEPA filtration system as well as fine filter bag. NO DUST. NO MESS.  GUARANTEED !! When we are ready to sweep, we turn on the vacuum to create negative pressure ( a vacuum ) in the fireplace and insert our rotary sweeping head and rods. No dust escapes. 


Once the rotary head is at the top of the chimney flue, with the use of a drill, we rotate the rods and sweeping head at a high rpm in an up and down motion. We reverse the direction of rotation to ensure all corners of the flue are cleaned. When we reach the bottom of the flue ( just above the damper ), we remove the rotary head. The smoke shelf  ( Just above the damper ) and firebox are brushed and vacuumed. Fireplace inserts and woodstoves have the same sweeping process, except the baffles and air-tubes are removed and the firebox is swept and vacuumed. The firebrick and baffles are inspected. If they need to be replaced, we can do that, too.


We take great pride in maintaining a clean home throughout our chimney sweeping service. 

Scheduling your Chimney Clean In The Spring Has Its Perks!

One question homeowner’s often have regarding chimney and furnace flue cleaning, aside from “Will it be messy?” is “When should I schedule a chimney clean?” While we’re happy to provide the service any time of year, here are 5 reasons to have your chimney cleaned during the spring:

  • Creosote is highly acidic. When water comes in contact with it, sulpuric acid is created. Your wood burning system should be swept as soon as possible after your last fire of the burning season.

  • Catch problems early.

  • Prevent smelly creosote odors from filling your home throughout the year.

  • Shorter wait time for an appointment.

  • Peace of mind.


For The Best Chimney Cleaning Service In The Greater Vancouver Area...      Call SANTA’S !!

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